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Romantic evening in Tbilisi
Romantic evening in Tbilisi

We want to introduce you to the works of an extraordinarily talented and the original artist David Martiashvili. When you look at the pictures of David, then it seems that you’ve already been in this city, and you’re familiar with the people depicted on canvas; you will begin to feel that you have walked through this old snow-covered streets.

I would like to say that the paintings of David are alive, and it’s not even a canvas and a paint, but it is the sincere Georgian music, which penetrates into the heart and remains there forever.

David was born and grew up in the creative family. His grandmother was an artist, his father – an artist, his brother, also an artist, and it is not surprising that David himself also became a painter. The artist’s career began 15 years ago, it was a very difficult and complicated way, were the winning and the losing, but David was soon recognized as a truly talented artist and his paintings became popular not only in his country but also an abroad.David’s works today are in many private collections in America, England, and many other countries. Several years ago, an exhibition of paintings by David held in Switzerland and was a great success.

The artist continues to work actively, creates a lot of pictures to order. The paintings of David very quickly sold, so it is likely that after some time, the work that you want to purchase, will be sold out. But to date, all exhibited paintings are in the stock and available for sale.

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