Cars stickers design

The sticker on Volkswagen Touareg

Grandmaster3d  Design Studio appeared relatively recently on the market for design stickers on cars, but in a few years, we have become leaders in the production of stickers on cars market thanks to the creative approach to design. There are no minor or small orders for us.We are ready to find an individual approach for each client and develop just such a design that will best meet its requirements.

Design stickers on the cars can be divided into several main categories:

The appliques on the Ford Focus
The appliques on the Ford Focus
  • Appliques by car. For these purposes in the manufacture of label applications on cars such as sports bars or patterns on cars used vinyl car film plotter series, that do not require an additional lamination. The development of design on the car layouts should be prepared in Corel format for vinyl cutting at the same time taking into account the geometry of the body of the car, to allow on the doors, hood, and trunk to make the necessary overlaps to tuck the film for more reliable operation.



3d sticker "Children Goods"
3d advertising sticker on the truck “Children Goods”



  • Full-color images on the cars. In this case, we try on the beautiful background images to place the necessary textual information or just a nice present trademark logo or customer’s company.


3d sticker "Fish"
3d sticker on the minibus “Fish”


  • 3d stickers on the cars. The most difficult, but at the same time the most popular type of design stickers on cars, which are fluent designers of Asphalt Art Ukraine. These 3d stickers on the cars due to the fact that the image on the car seems really surround are a perfect solution for both private car owners, as well as for representatives of major commercial logistics companies.




The cost of design development on the car can be anywhere from $ 10 to $ 50 for the side of the car, and depending on the complexity of the area and the future layout. For the exact value of the formation of the development of design in the car, we suggest you download the Technical specification for the design of the cars, fill it in and send us by e-mail: asphaltart1@gmail.соm. We are within 30 minutes will give you a detailed answer on the cost and timing of the development of the design on your car.

If you would also need to manufacture and install the stickers on the cars – at your disposal a team of professional printers and installers, who love their job and are ready as soon as possible to complete the entire set of works turnkey.The production of the stickers on the cars of Asphalt Art Ukraine is located in Kiev, but we can perform the installation in any regional center of Ukraine or send your order to any country in the world by Ukrpost.

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