Design of stickers on the floor

Напольная наклейка 3д Черепашки

The design of floor stickers, at first sight, it seems simple enough, but as in any business, the excellent result can be obtained if you entrust this work to professionals.


The design of floor stickers can be divided into several categories:

  • The design of the navigation stickers such as outdoor signs, arrows, paws, etc.
  • The design of floor stickers in 2d and various text information.
  • The design 3d floor stickers.

In the first two cases, it is sufficient just to make a nice design, and we consider that it is desirable to avoid sharp corners for the reliable and continuous operation of floor stickers and labels on the perimeter edges must be rounded. And the development of the design of 3d floor stickers needed the talent of the designer, who can draw the image so that it is with a certain distance seemed really three-dimensional.The cost of developing the design of floor stickers can be from $ 10 to $ 150, and depending on the complexity of the layout and the size of the alleged floor stickers, so to form an exact cost for the development of design – we offer you to download the form of Technical specification for the design, fill it in and send us by e-mail: and we within 30 minutes of receipt of the order will send you the exact price and timing of design development floor stickers.

Payment can be made by Ukraine at the current rate in the national currency to the card of Privatbank or by bank transfer. It is also possible to pay in US dollars through payment systems Western Union, Unistream, MoneyGram, Swift, Golden Crown.

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Shipping stickers – all over Ukraine for New Mail,

of worldwide – Ukrpost.


Shipping cost for Ukrpost – $ 25, the delivery time of 14-21 days.

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