Stickers on the hood

3d sticker "White Lion"
3d sticker on the hood “White Lion”

I’m sure many have faced the situation when from under the wheels going ahead or oncoming cars flew small stones, which damage the paintwork of the car bonnet. There are many ways to eliminate minor defects and one of the most creative and interesting is the production stickers on the hood of the car. We do not hold in this respect strict rules and are ready to offer customers as our own layouts of stickers on the hood of our gallery of works and to prepare for large-format printing customer’s layout. Also, we can develop exclusive design 3d sticker on the hood that does not leave anyone indifferent, and you can be sure there is only one car with such sticker in the world!

The company Asphalt Art Ukraine currently offers the lowest prices in Ukraine for the production of stickers on the hood, thanks to our own production facilities, and direct supply of high-quality automotive films and laminates world’s best manufacturers. The price range for the production of stickers on the hood can be from $ 10 to $ 30 / m sq. depending on the type and quality of automotive films, which are used for this.

If the sticker on the hood you need for a certain period and you plan to remove it after some time, we can offer you the production of stickers from the film Tex Walk, which requires no additional lamination, it does not lose quality due to frequent washing and temperature changes, and does not leave the traces of glue on the car’s body after removal.

Another advantage of cooperation with our company is the fact that our printing house is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so the speed of execution of orders – 1 day from the date of receipt of the order.

The cost of developing the design of stickers on cars can be anywhere from $ 10 to $ 50/layout depending on the complexity of the work.

Studio of design Asphalt Art Ukraine in the shortest possible time will be able to perform any work on the creation of an exclusive design for your car ranging from sports bars or applications on the cars and ending with the creation of volumetric 3D images on the body of your car.

To determine an exact cost for the development of design – we offer you to download the form of Technical specification for the design of the cars, fill it in and send us by e-mail: and we within 30 minutes of receipt of the order will send you the exact price and conditions of payment for the design and pre-press design to your car.

Payment can be made by Ukraine at the current rate in the national currency to the card of Privatbank or by bank transfer. It is also possible to pay in US dollars through payment systems Western Union, Unistream, MoneyGram, Swift, Golden Crown.

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and we are within 30 minutes of contact with you!

Shipping stickers – all over Ukraine for New Mail, of worldwide – Ukrpost.

Shipping cost Ukrpost – $ 25, the delivery time of 14-21 days.

The prices for manufacturing stickers in the gallery of our works are given based on the optimal ratio of price and quality films for the body geometry and dimensions of the particular car, and can be corrected up or down for your car, depending on the characteristics of the surface of the body of your car and the expected life of the stickers.

The cost of stickers provided for the cars with an average size of the hood — 110 x 150 

When ordering please specify the model of your car and size of the hood to the most extreme points, for the correction of the size of stickers on the hood.

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